Dosa / Idly  ---------------   60

Akki Roti  ---------------   80  / Upma  ---------------   50

Bisibelebath  ---------------   80 / Idly  ---------------   60

Pullav  ---------------   80 / Paddu  ---------------   60

Avalakki / Poha / Dosa  ---------------   60

Shavgi Upit  ---------------   50 / Upma  ---------------   50

Veg food
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Lunch & dinner

Non Veg food

non veg food

Head Mutton ----------------------  250

Mutton/Chicken Curry ----------------------  200

With 1 Ragi Ball / Menthe Chapati & Rice

Mutton Keema/ Chicken Curry ----------------------  200

With Ragi Roti / Chapati / Ragi Ball & Rice

Fish Curry ----------------------  200

Chicken Biryani ----------------------  ₹150

Mutton Biryani ----------------------  ₹200

With Aloo Paratha / Chapati / Ragi Ball & Rice

Chicken Fry / Mutton Fry ----------------------  150

Chicken / Mutton curry ----------------------  200

With 1 Ragi Ball / Menthe Chapati & Rice

Call To Order : +91-9538836419

Amma Ruchi’s Home food brings to you a wide range of non veg food which are absolutely mouth watering. We have a lot of varieties and each and every one of those dishes are delicious and consists of a different taste and flavor. Every  non veg food that we prepare is of great quality because we believe in maintaining the right quality for each of the non veg dishes. We use fresh ingredients and organic products or elements to cook our food and we serve them as fresh and tasty as we can. Once you get the flavor of our non vegetarian food, we can assure you that even for once, it will remind you of your home. 

People love to eat non-veg food and some of them are really passionate about it. We care about the passion and craze for non veg food. That is we have a wide range of varieties for everyone. We prepare non veg dishes with great care and love. Homemade food is always something special and if it comes to non vegetarian meals, the foody people are totally swayed by that. Homemade non veg food is always a go to thing for food lovers. We are quite certain that you will love the variety of non veg food that we offer. 

Amma Ruchi’s homemade non veg food will satisfy the cravings of all the food enthusiasts. People love non veg food whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, they have a special craving for non vegetarian food. Now, it becomes our duty to deliver the food that you love or desire to eat. We care about you and that is why this becomes more important for us to deliver the right quality food, at the right place and at the right time. Order your non veg meals with us and we will take care of the rest.  

We provide homemade non veg food starting from the minimum price range to the highest. The quality of the food is well maintained and balanced. We test every ingredient that we use to cook the food. We check things like falvalue, the amount of spices that we are using, oiliness and other essential credentials as well. Because these kinds of things can be a little unhealthy sometimes, we check all these things in our non veg food to retain the quality and flavour of the dishes.

Our motto is to provide the kind of food which will remind you of your home. It would be simple but of good quality. The non veg food that we serve can be consumed by people of any age. We have special concern for the children as well as the old people. We always try to keep it as healthy and fresh as it can be so that people can enjoy the real delicacy of the non veg food. Our mission is to provide you people with the best quality food which will be healthy and tasty. For that, we are ready to do anything that is necessary. Amma Ruchi delivers non veg meals in Bangalore. If you are in Bangalore and looking for some special homemade food that will be easily accessible then you should get in touch with us. We will give you everything that you want. We are always there to help you at any point of time. 

" NON-VEG available only on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday "

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The goal of Amma Ruchi’s Home Food was to serve food that was not only delicious but also healthy and happy.

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