" What Better Way To Satisfy Your Hungry Tummy Than With Our Homemade Meal Plans Designed For Your Overall Health? We Have Focused To Provide You With The Best And Most Cost-Effective Meal Packages. "

The goal of Amma Ruchis Homemade Food is to serve food that is not only delicious but also healthy and tasty food. We practice homemade meals both vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian as a way of life and prepare each homemade meal with the same care and love that a mother would. I’d come all the way from the north of the country with a tourist’s mindset and had never given food a second thought until I started looking for the homemade meal. I’d always taken for granted—my “Maa ke haath ka khana”.

The food is regarded by its aroma and the unique ingredients that a particular chef uses in its preparation. The ingredients used by our chefs are hand-picked and wisely chosen by them. Rice, wheat, pulses, and fresh vegetables of excellent quality. We choose healthy green and seasonable vegetables with great care. To prepare your homemade meal, we use a variety of masalas (spices) and oil, all of which are of the highest quality. Additionally, special ingredients can be added or removed at the request of a customer. Because our goal is to see you happy, fit, and healthy.

Freshness and quality are guaranteed as we use clean utensils and work in a hygienic environment. We deliver appetizing dishes specially cooked at home. The food is prepared in minimal oil and less masala. We offer a variety of homemade dishes that are cooked all across Bangalore. Also, the dishes are never repeated in the monthly meal boxes.


Avalakki / Poha / Dosa




Aloo Paratha / Chapati / Ragi ball /  2 types of Veg Palya, Rice & Sambar




Mutton Keema/ Chicken Curry With Ragi Roti / Chapati / Ragi Ball & Rice


" NON-VEG available only on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday "

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The goal of Amma Ruchi’s Home Food was to serve food that was not only delicious but also healthy and happy.

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